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Diana Krall Opens Up To ET Canada About Her New Album & The Passing Of Her Father

Tune in to ET Canada tonight for Natasha Gargiulo's interview with Grammy winning Canadian music sensation Diana Krall.

International jazz sensation Diana Krall has a brand new album to add to her sparkling résumé. The Nanaimo-born singer/pianist's latest full length Wallflower has arrived in stores and Diana sat down with our Natasha Gargiulo to discuss this latest release.

"I started making the record in April while I was on tour with (her 2012 album) Glad Rag Doll," Diana told ET Canada. "So I was taking time in between tour to go to L.A., so it was a lot of... probably a lot more work than I realized to be on tour and make a record."

Wallflower boasts having superstar producer David Foster's fingerprints on the project, which makes sense considering he's also her label boss. Diana says that the album, which is comprised of covers of songs made famous by the likes of the Eagles and Elton John, has a certain flair to it.

"We made it very much like you would do a pop record and I wanted to do that," said the multiple Grammy winner.

Diana also opened up to us about how she was understandably devastated following the passing of her father in December.

"I can talk about it now without completely falling apart," she said. "It has to be acknowledged, it was such an important part of my life. I've always spoken about my dad. I've always talked about his influence on me."

Getting back to music is something Diana says is important for her well-being.

"It's been a tough year," said the popular recording artist. "That's why it's really good for me to get going and talk about the music and play music."

Videos Promo "Wallflower"

Vid: DIANA KRALL, Bridge School News Network 02/10/15

DIANA KRALL Déclinaisons jazz 2015

Le plateau prend des airs de lounge, alors que Diana Krall s’installe sur la chaise de l’invitée. Sa carrière a pris un tournant décisif un certain soir de l’été 1995 au Festival international de jazz de Montréal, point de départ d’une prolifique carrière mondiale. Habituée aux reprises de vieux classiques, elle teinte des morceaux pop contemporains de son jazz feutré et de ses accords raffinés sur l’album Wallflower. Un exercice plus difficile qu’il n’y paraît pour l’artiste et son pianiste, qui donnent un nouveau tempo à ces chansons revisitées.
Son album Wallflower est offert en ligne et en magasin. Elle sera en spectacle à la Place des Arts, à Montréal, le 29 mai et le 2 juin.