viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2012

Vid: When The Curtain Comes Down

Steve Buscemi Rings Up The Curtain On Diana Krall's "When The Curtain Comes Down"...

It was the night before Halloween and the lights dimmed at the Royal Albert Hall. Images of embers and apparitions, fit for the occasion, flickered on a giant screen behind the stage as the music began to play.

Suddenly, the actor Steve Buscemi makes his entrance on celluloid, delivering a newly recorded rendition of the recitation from "When The Curtain Comes Down," in the guise of a 1920s barker and song and dance man.

European concert goers have already enjoyed the beautifully conceived film, directed by Jo Andres, when it appeared as an overture to Diana Krall's recent performances.

Like many of the songs on her acclaimed album 'Glad Rag Doll,' Diana first encountered "When The Curtain Comes Down" among the treasures of the 78rpm record and sheet music collection of her father Jim.

Indeed, this song and the title track were originally to be found on either side of a 78rpm record by the bandleader Ted Lewis.

The opportunity for Krall to collaborate with her friends Jo Andres and Steve Buscemi has provided the ideal introduction to her new stage show.

Click here to watch "When The Curtain Comes Down" now!

Vintage photographs of Ziegfeld girls, projected artistic images - such as Jo Andres’ exquisite blue doll - and playful and poignant cinematic montages, all frame Diana and her ensemble in a unique theatrical setting.

Diana Krall's Canadian tour begins in her hometown of Nanaimo on February 3rd 2013. Tickets for Canada and her U.S. tour dates in the early Spring of 2013 are already on sale and can be purchased here.

'Glad Rag Doll' is available now on Verve Records, click here for details.