lunes, 22 de junio de 2009

Diana Krall - Walk On By (Video).

Otra versiòn de èste tema!

Diana Krall H.S. Yearbook

(Ladysmith, BC, Canada)

A treasure from the formative years of jazz diva Diana Krall. In 1980 Diana graduated from Woodlands Junior Secondary School in Nanaimo, British Columbia on Vancouver Island, Canada. Her photo first appears on page 19 where she is recognized on the 1978-79 Arts Honour Roll. On page 121 in the Band section appears a gorgeous head-shot of a young Diana playing the saxophone, beneath which appears the caption 'Diana!'. Michelle Krall, Diana's younger sister, appears on page 106. Finally, Diana's graduation photo and write-up appear on page 58. Beside her photo we read "Diana Piano resembles her Dad. In her spare time she eats and sleeps. Her life ambition is to replace Oscar Peterson. 'Way to go, Diana!'". Diana's current global superstardom is clearly no accident! The book itself is clean, tight and unmarked with very light wear. An excellent copy of this truly wonderful and inspiring item. Bookseller Inventory # 15104706

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