domingo, 13 de septiembre de 2015

Photo: DIANA KRALL - "Moments in Light" (2)

Hadid and more revealed 
for new charitable project

With Diana Krall, Karen Mok and Liya Kebede

Diana Krall by Mary McCartney

De Beers Diamond Jewellers have named the latest group of inspirational women that will feature in its charitable Moments in Light project, which is set to be unveiled on the first day of London Fashion Week

The De Beers Diamond Company has once again teamed up with LVMH, unveiling the duo's joint 'Moments in Light' initiative, which raises money for Women International – a non profit organisation that raises awareness and funds for female survivors of war.

This year's project will see De Beers providing financial support for six different programs that support 25 women in five different countries including Kosovo, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iraq and Rwanda. The grants secured from the upcoming event will fund classrooms in the aforementioned countries enabling women to learn new skills and rebuild their lives in the wake of the hardships they have endured.

This year, De Beers Diamond Jewellers and LVMH have commissioned photographer Mary McCartney to shoot four carefully selected inspirational women. The chosen four include British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, model and actress Liya Kebede, jazz singer and pianist Diana Krall and signer and actress Karen Mok.

A short film shot by McCartney will also air on the De Beers website. The portraits will exhibit in London on September 18 and the event surrounding the unveil will fall on the first day of London Fashion Week (LFW), featuring a performance from Krall herself.

Take a look at Mary McCartney's portraits above and below and stay tuned for more news as LFW kicks off next month...


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