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Concert: DIANA KRALL - 27 Sept - SAINT LOUIS, Missouri, United States, Fox Theatre

Diana Krall More Than Fabulous At The Fox

Grammy Award winning Jazz pianist and singer Diana Krall shined bright on Grand Blvd at the Fox Theatre Friday night. The Glad Rag Doll World Tour in support of her 11th studio album (Verve Records) a collaboration with T. Bone Burnett rolled into St Louis like a three ring circus. In fact, the theme of the evening was a meticulous effort, designed by the singer herself, derived of inspiration from the historic Fabulous Fox Theatre's ornate detail and architecture.

Diana Krall's intro was a short film (black and white) featuring Steve Buscemi, narrating and painting a picture of being under the big tent; there is no doubt this production was designed to transport us to the greatest show on earth. Diana Krall can certainly sing and play piano, she is arguably one of the greatest female jazz musicians of the last 100 years, but what was most amazing was her ability to entertain us visually with her stage production and design. From beginning to end, it was magical.

Diana Krall - The Fabulous Fox Theatre
St Louis (©2013 C Daniel Photog)

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